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Made for Ludum Dare 35, "Those Aren't Stars is an action platformer featuring a tiny witch... person... who can turn into a stone statue.

When she's a statue, she's unaffected by strong wind and can't be hurt by any form of attack, but the only thing she can do without turning back into a person is... well just kind of sit there. Despite that she can't do anything in her rocky form, clever use of this transformation ability is the key to victory!

This game is best played using an Xbox 360 Controller, but there are keyboard controls as well. No other gamepad will work, as this game was made partly to test Unity's new input system, which only supports that gamepad. (Mac users can find a driver to let the controller talk to their system here: https://github.com/360Controller/360Controller/rel....)

Finally, there is a known bug with the Xbox 360 gamepad controls where holding left or right during a scene transition can screw up Unity's input system, soft locking the game. So don't do that.

Version 1.1 Important Changes:

Enemies do much more damage.

Player's bullets are more visually distinct from enemy bullets.

Sticky collision is 99% gone.

Player is a little bit more slippery on the ground.


Mac OSX ver 1.1 50 MB
Windows ver 1.1 56 MB
Linux ver 1.1 26 MB
LD35 Source 104 MB

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